Personal Coaching Program

We now offer three versions of a confidential personal coaching program for managers, professionals, and executives. Carl Robinson, Ph.D., is the exclusive resource for those who enroll in the program.

Objectives of the program:

  • Provide real-time confidential consulting help on issues and concerns currently confronting participants.
  • Establish longer-term professional and career strategies, individualized for the participant.
  • Allow maximum flexibility-unlimited access for time frames that meet the participant's needs.
  • Provide maximum responsiveness-phone calls returned within three hours, email returned the same day, faxes and correspondence reviewed and replied to within 24 hours of receipt. (For continental U.S. participants only. Overseas participants create mutually-agreeable schedules.)
  • Utilize technology for client convenience - the personalized coaching is available no matter where the participant is at the moment of need, and no travel costs are necessary.
  • Provide investment flexibility and privacy - may be paid with either corporate or personal funds.

Typical participant profile:

  • Executives, managers, professionals, business owners, and individual contributors working within an organizational structure.
  • Need for independent, objective coaching on either business issues or personal style issues to enhance competence, performance, and/or image.
  • Accepts feedback well, willing to change behavior and/or think about issues in a new context.
  • Results-oriented and pragmatic.
  • Requires assistance with specific issues and/or with long-term plans, or needs a sounding board to ensure validity of current behaviors and performance.
  • Needs absolutely confidential help at key times, and requires fast response with options for action.

Program specifics:

  • The program runs for 30-day intervals. If multiple intervals are booked, discounts can be obtained.
  • Option #1 = Continual access: Up to two phone calls and five emails a week, received and returned within the customer's business hours. Unlimited fax and conventional mail review and response.
  • Option #2 = Sustained access: Unlimited phone calls and email received and returned 9:00 AM 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday. Unlimited fax and conventional mail review and response.
  • Option #3 = Unlimited access:  As many emails, phone calls, faxes, and letters as desired, with responses provided as needed between 8:00 AM -6:00 PM every day of the week, including weekends (e.g., a weekend call may be required in anticipation of a Monday morning meeting). Fee for Option #3 also includes, at no extra charge, the use of one or more leadership personality assessment surveys and developmental feedback reports if you enroll for a minimum three (3) month interval. 
  • For all options, calls are returned within three hours and email within 24 hours. Conventional mail, courier packages, and faxes are reviewed and replied to within 24 hours of receipt.
  • Fees:  Call for current price on all three options.
    • Payments must be made in advance for any option. For enrollment for two intervals at a time there is a 5% discount; for three at a time, a 10% discount; and for four or more at a time, a 15% discount.

"I have always maintained the attitude "It is all about results."  Put your head down, work hard and deliver.  Working with Carl, I have realized that interpersonal relationships are far more critical than I ever imagined.  The process he put me through was challenging, enlightening and invaluable.  I will use the skills he taught me throughout the rest of my career."

Scott Sikora, CTO & Co-founder Varolii Corporation

How to enroll:

Send us by email, fax, or regular mail information about your position, goals, and what you expect from the Personal Coaching Program. Our response will inform you as to whether we can meet your needs and, if so, when we can start the process. Once payment is made by check or credit card we will set up an initial phone conversation to discuss your particular needs and how best to proceed. (Since participation is limited, there may be a waiting list at times.)

Remember, this program is ideal for people who need situational, rapid, objective help from one of the top consultants and coaches in the country, as well as those who are seeking longer range assistance with career development and plans. You will never deal with anyone other than Carl Robinson, Ph.D. in this confidential program.