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We help clients maximize individual and organizational performance by:

  • Improving executives’ ability to lead and manage a highly diverse and challenging workforce
  • Increasing capacity of high potential people to assume greater and more complex responsibilities
  • Increasing energy and creativity devoted to profit-generating activities
  • Increasing retention of "top talent," whose skills and expertise are difficult to replace.
  • Improving your ability to choose and hire the best talent

Self Awareness and Lack Thereof in the C-Suite: Study Reveals
- by Carl Robinson, Ph.D.

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"I have had the opportunity to work with Carl in executive team development and individual coaching sessions.  In both cases, I have found Carl to be very effective. I am very grateful for his insight and perspective and frankly, his directness about some behavioral habits that were impeding my growth as a leader.  My role and responsibilities have expanded significantly over the time I have worked with Carl.   I am certain that having him as a trusted advisor assisted in those opportunities being available to me and in my effectiveness at them."

Wayne Larkin, President – TrueBlue Staffing Solutions

"Through evaluating personal and organizational strengths and challenges, Carl's thoughtful and direct advice helped me to transform goals into action. The end result was a much-needed restructuring of our non-profit and a more effective board/staff team.."

Jim Baker, Executive Director, Pilchuck Glass School

"I have interacted with Carl Robinson in several contexts: guiding young colleagues to grow in their leadership roles, charting a course for my organization to handle some very challenging crises issues; and providing me insights into my leadership skills and where they can be improved.  He is extremely skilled in handling challenges for individuals or for organizations.   I found Carl thoughtful, deep, compassionate and effective."

Leroy Hood, MD, PhD, President, Institute for Systems Biology
(co-founder of Amgen and recipient of the National Medal of Science from President Obama 2013)

“Only you can control self indulgence." The more successful you become, "people won't necessarily call you out on your shit. So, I hired a professional coach because then you're hiring someone to tell you you're an idiot." Quoted in Inc. magazine interview "How to Cope With Success."

John Vechey, Co-founder of PopCap Games referring to his ongoing work with Carl Robinson, Ph.D., shortly after his company was acquired by Electronic Arts for $750million + additional earn out (John enthusiastically authorized the use of this quote as a testimonial).

"Carl is exceptionally gifted at evaluating organizational relationships and providing feedback and guidance on how to strengthen these and make them more effective. In particular, Carl helped me interact more effectively with our CEO, and was available on short notice to help me problem-solve emerging personnel issues. His insights into our organization's dynamics were instrumental in helping me become more successful in meeting corporate objectives."

Tom Reynolds, M.D. Chief Medical Officer (retired), SeattleGenetics

"I engaged Carl to improve my effectiveness in interactions with my employees, peers, and senior management team. Carl has a gift for quickly identifying the salient points of any situation and formulating a strategy to achieve the best possible outcome.  I was able to present him situations and we could quickly develop a plan to achieve my desired results. These strategies proved highly successful, enabling me to focus more of my time on driving the business."

Dean Falconer - co-founder,

"I am a big fan of Carl’s. He helped me and my colleagues navigate during a very transformational period in our business. In a time of significant leadership change it was refreshing to have Carl’s external perspective and counseling. He also provided me with key insights on developing and leading effective teams, and helped me identify and manage behavioral habits that were affecting my leadership potential. I will definitely engage Carl again at some point in the future."

Rolf Agather, Managing Director, Research and Innovation, Russell Indexes, Russell Investments

“As leaders, we often intuitively recognize the right thing to do and operate at full throttle. Likewise, we come to a point of diminishing returns, whether or not we acknowledge this.  A great professional coach helps identify the chains that hold us back and develop practical strategies to overcome them.  There’s a tremendous sense of liberation to experiment with one’s own leadership style and interpersonal communication.  Carl helped me feel safe do so.  Equally important, he helped me realize that although getting along with people is crucial to my success, sometimes we need to redefine “getting along with people.”  Without Carl’s insights and encouragement, I could not have emerged wiser and more effective.  Priceless.”

Audrey Parks, Sr. Administrative Director, IT, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System

“I worked with Carl for 3 years and have nothing but good things to say about him.  I hired him to help me improve my leadership and effectiveness, which was a success – according to the people that mattered – those who worked with and for me.  Carl was instrumental for me in a period of great change and growth in my career.  My company had gone through an acquisition and I took on significantly more responsibilities. Carl helped me think about things from a few different perspectives and gave me “homework” to keep me accountable for my growth.  The time I worked with Carl was without a doubt the most challenging and valuable professionally for me.  And like a true friend and advisor, he helped me come to a decision to make a significant career change that would allow me to thrive in the future.”

Joe Plastino, CEO, JP International, LLC, JP International

"Early in our career my friend and I acquired a 50 year old company.  Carl was critical in developing my leadership, partnership, and managerial capabilities.  These skills made the difference in taking a small regional company to a national player that was recently acquired by a Fortune 500 company.  Carl developed a strong foundation on how to effectively manage employees and provide insights into human behavior."

Lee Falck, Co-President, Brandrud (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Herman Miller, Inc.)

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